This week the weaning continued and I quite enjoyed coming up with my own recipes and concoctions which were going down without fuss and quite quickly.

Who’d have thought sweet potato, carrot and apple would taste so yummy – Michael had better watch out as I may start experimenting with his meal times as well.

As well as mushy purée there has been the introduction of healthy nibbles to coincide with baby led weaning. He loves his mini rice cakes but had a rude awakening when, after putting the whole thing in his mouth, realised very quickly it’s better to break it down and crush it with him gums and two little piranha teeth!

So the weaning is going to plan, he’s sleeping through the night and I’m finally feeling like I’m starting to get my energy back. That was until a few days ago when the loose routine we had began falling apart. Just when you think you’ve got it all sorted, your little one goes and surprises you once again.

It began with him not wanting to nap during the day as he’d much rather focus on what daddy was doing or find out how much that house sold at auction on Homes under the Hammer.

He’s now developed the knack of getting cross when he drops a toy and knows we’ll be there picking it up at his beck and call (sounds like someone else I know).

I guess this is all part of growing up and being part of this new big wide world. He’s nosy, inquisitive and knows what he likes and certainly knows what he doesn’t (again, clearly he’s his father’s son).

All in all he’s growing into a wonderful little man and has a smile that would melt your heart. So I can cope with a few little changes to the schedule and have invested in a new under eye cream for my bags.