An enterprising teenager is competing for a £1 million investment in his business as part of new TV programme.

Paul Gambou, from Shirley, is taking part in a new BBC show, Be Your Own Boss, and is selling a variety of quality silverware and homely cushions on Surrey Street Market until Tuesday.

In the latest round of the show Paul has been given a small sum and charged with making as big a profit as possible in two weeks, with his deadline on May 23.

The 19-year-old first planned to stage an event at Bar Red Square but was forced to cancel after risk assessment issues.

He said: “It was hard for that to fall through. I’d wasted half a week but I had to get back on my feet and do something.”

“I didn’t want to go back to the BBC and say ‘oh I didn’t make any money because the bar cancelled on me.’”

Paul started his own brand of luxury leather goods and accessories called Les Anges Noirs when he was just 18 and is also looking to develop a signature perfume to add to the brand.

His stall is located just outside Matthews Yard on Surrey Street.

Be Your Own Boss is set to air on BBC3 later in the year