A cyclist who was hit by a bus in Surbiton this morning is out of hospital and has not suffered serious injury.

Jack Togood, 21, told the Surrey Comet he suffered cuts and bruises when his bike was knocked over by a bus on Brighton Road at 7am this morning.

He said it was the bus that pulled out in front of him, as he had right of way turning into Victoria Road, but insisted it was an accident as the bus driver did not see him.

He said: "I am fine because the driver didn’t hit me. He just hit my bike. Just some bruises so I was fine to leave hospital.

"My girlfriend phoned me up after she saw the story online sayings ‘are you being silly on the road’.

"The fact is I had right of way but the driver so it was him pulling out on me rather than the other way round.

"He just did not see me. It was a complete accident and I don’t want to make him feel bad because it was not his fault really."

A spokesman for London Ambulance had said that he had been hospitalised after suffering a hip injury in the accident.