An exhibition of 3D underwater photographs will go on display at the CornerHouse in September.

Fifteen pictures will be shown by photographer Terence Arpino. The 3D photographs, capturing images of underwater life around the world and produced using a specialist process of lenticular printing to create a multi-dimensional image, have been created to draw the viewer in.

Mr Arpino says: “This show is about promoting and showing the delicacy of the underwater world we live in and appreciating the environment and giving the public the chance to see it for themselves.

“[The images] invite you in to the scene.”

Mr Arpino, whose photos have been taken over 40 years, says the exhibition is a unique chance to feel like you are entering the underwater world. He says: “My passion is diving, the underwater sea, the flora and fauna.

Every dive is different so it is about the excitement and challenge of getting the photos you are looking for.”

Underwater Photography in 3D, The Cornerhouse, Douglas Road, Surbiton, September 4-29, free admission. See