Kingston University hotline was a hub of activity on A-level day as potential students called its clearing hotline to try and secure a degree course place.

Fifty-five current Kingston students manned the phones as potential university students rang up for advice and to try and gain themselves some of the last remaining course places available.

The university, in Penrhyn Road, reported more than 20,000 attempted calls to its call centre by 11am yesterday showing a demand for further education despite recent changes in university fees.

English and dance student Rachel Miller, 22, a part of the call centre advice team, said: “Although I didn’t come to Kingston through clearing myself, I know how difficult it is to make important decisions like this when your heart says one thing and your head another.

“One of the most important things a hotline operator can do is make people feel comfortable and let them know we’re here for them.”

A full list of Kingston University's clearing places is available at or call the hotline on 0844 842 9599.