Identical twins are celebrating after getting exactly the same A-level results.

Danyal and Atteeq Hayat, of New Malden, both got C grades in maths and physics, a D in further maths, and A*s in their art BTEC qualifications.

The Southborough school sixth formers, who both support Manchester United, are left handed and said a combination of nature and nurture made them so similar.

Danyal, who is the older brother by two minutes, said: “We grew up together, obviously same parents, same school, and we study together.

“Even considering that though I still think there is a special connection as twins, sometimes we will say the same thing at the same time which some people find bizarre.”

Atteeq said: “We will be in the same social situation and we will talk later and we will be thinking the same thing, even to the point where we have the same A-level result.”

Both boys insist they are not competitive, although Atteeq did point out he got slightly better GCSE results than his sibling.

He said: “It is not us that are competitive among each other. It is more our friends and the teachers who big it up. Maybe at GCSE time but even then not really because we both did well.

“We prefer to encourage and help each other. If he is doing well at something that might make me want to get better and be on the same level.”

The brothers will not celebrate their result until after Ramadan, but then will have a party with friends and family before going together to Epsom College to do a foundation course in art.

- Schools across Kingston celebrated the achievements of hardworking A-level students after many saw the percentage of top grades increase this year.

Tiffin Girls School was top of the Kingston results table for A*s with 29.77 per cent of marks being given the top grade.

And at Tiffin Boys School the percentage of A* grades achieved also rose although the number of A grades achieved fell marginally.

At Kingston Grammar School the percentage of top A* grades awarded fell from 28 per cent to 21.5 per cent this year but A grades shot up.

KGS headteacher Sarah Fletcher said: “More pupils are getting on to competitive courses in all sorts of subjects, like medicine, and into top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, than ever before.

“The students and their teachers should feel very proud of what they have achieved.”

Coombe Sixth Form also saw A* grades fall slightly as A grades rose.
Deborah Walls, headteacher for the past year, said: “This is a fantastic school.

“It is very unusual for a state school to offer pupils so much choice, and we are very proud of what they have achieved.”

Another school celebrating on A-level day was Surbiton High. Headteacher Ann Hayden said: “These girls have really set the bar. We are up 10 per cent in the AB category on last year.”

Southborough noted a rise in marks with 11 per cent of marks at the very top grade compared with last year’s one per cent, as did Hollyfield and Holy Cross whose number of A*s also went up.

Headteacher Rob Niedermaier-Reed was also pleased with results at Chessington Community College. He said: “Once again we have students going to their first choice universities and even students being the first in their families to go to university.

One school that saw a slight drop in both A* and A grades was Richard Challoner School. A*s went from 6.6 per cent last year to 4.4 per cent this year and its A grades dropped from 18.8 to 16.4 per cent.

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