A zoo marking its quarter century has further cause for celebration after one of its gorillas gave birth to the second baby in a year.
The sex of the gorilla, which has not got a name yet, will not be known for a couple of months but keepers hope the youngster will make friends with his half-brothers.
Western lowland gorilla Shanga and stud Damisi welcomed their first child together at Chessington Zoo last week.
It is the second youngster to be fathered by the amorous teenager this year, who is also dad to son Mwana, born last February.
But as he becomes a father for the third time - his first boy Mbula was born in 2009 - he might have to clean up his act after been repeatedly caught on camera picking his nose in front of visitors.
James Mackie, head gorilla keeper at Chessington Zoo, said mum was growing in confidence despite her mother thinking she knows best.
He said: “Gran is being a bit interfering, perhaps a little too interfering as I believe can happen with humans as well.
"But she is showing her daughter the skills needed and Shanga's confidence is growing day by day.