This week we celebrated dads. Happy (belated) Father’s Day to you all!

It was a special day in our household as my husband was celebrating his first one.

I was undercover agent for my son so cards were secretly written, presents bought and strategically hidden in the house and activities for the actual day planned.

Now I know some of you will say it’s a little too commercial, but I don’t see anything wrong with giving dads a bit of extra recognition once a year.

That being said, my husband is lucky I decided to mark this occasion as it can often seem he has quite a few special days relaxing in front of the TV while I’m washing bottles for the hundredth time.

But maybe dads don’t get the praise they deserve.

There wouldn’t be any babies without them and whose hand would we have crushed during labour?

I have to admit my husband has been so supportive since day one; he even encouraged me to go to a work party the other week so he could have quality father and son time. Too cute!

Anyway back to Father’s Day. Elijah was uber-excited, the sun was shining and Michael was in his element.

Breakfast in bed to kick it all off. Then out for his lordship to have some pampering (he’s worked off his feet you know with all the extra baby responsibility) and to finish, afternoon tea with all the trimmings (he’s still eating for two).

All in all is was a success and a day fit for a king.

It was his one day of respite, but as soon as the clock struck midnight it was back to normality.

However I’ll never forget the moment Michael opened his cards – I was moved by his reaction and it made me realise my son is a truly a lucky boy – he has the best dad ever.