In the world of parenting there are lots of questions other mums ask you.

“When did you start weaning?” “Are you bottle feeding?” “How was your labour?” But there is one question that really does cut right through, “Is your baby sleeping through the night?”

Technically a five-hour stretch is classed as sleeping through, but it is the 12-hour sleeping marathon that really counts.

As it goes Elijah is a good little boy and has generally only woken once a night, but on Sunday our moment came. Yes, he did it. 6.30pm till 6am. It was quite alarming when I woke up in daylight to hear the birds singing. I felt all disorientated. Something was wrong. Something was different. I’d actually had a full night’s sleep for the first time in months, but I felt horrid. I sat bolt upright in a panic wondering if my baby was OK. I ran into his room and there he was slowly waking up.

We are now on our fourth night, but it’s typical, as soon as you get more sleep you feel worse. Hey ho. We’ll see how long it lasts.

So we are soon coming up to our six-month milestone. Sometimes I try and remember how life was before our bundle of joy arrived. He is just amazing and getting very busy. No longer is he interested in his own toys, but is now starting to get inquisitive with what Mummy is doing. I have had him banging on my laptop like a lunatic, picking up my pens and grabbing the remote controls. I have had to make sure everything is out of arms’ reach. I’m psyching myself up for when he actually starts crawling.

Anyway soon we will be weaning. However, it seems he already has a penchant for an apple a day and by that I don’t mean of the fruit variety but my phone.