A lorry driver was left red-faced when his 100ft vehicle got stuck turning a corner and became jammed with no hope of moving for nearly 24 hours.

The truck was heading to Skerne Road power station, behind John Lewis, to deliver beams to a construction company when it got wedged turning a corner on Cambridge Road at 8pm last night.

Embarrassingly the lorry cannot be moved until traffic lights and other street furniture are moved out the way at 7pm tonight.

Police have confirmed the vast vehicle has been manoeuvred to the side of Cambridge Road, but the truck will not be able to turn left in to London Road until the obstacles are removed.

Traffic around Kingston was thrown into chaos this morning because of the drama.

Social media site was also buzzing with the story of the stuck lorry with #kingstonbiglorry beginning to trend on twitter.

@Strnks on Twitter was the first on the scene and was updating followers throughout late last night. He wrote: “Incredible scenes here in Kingston as a long lorry tries to get around a corner – and fails”