Children from Coombe Junior School had to camp outside while their dormitories were sprayed with pesticide last week, after bed bugs invaded an activity centre.

Year 5 pupils were affected when Hindleap Warren in East Sussex was infested with bed bugs, closing down many of its 80 rooms, after an outbreak six weeks ago.

The father of one Coombe Junior pupil said: “The children are very disappointed because they could only go for a couple of nights.”

But David Nottidge, director of Hindleap, denied poor cleanliness was responsible for the outbreak and said visitors had been warned of the bed bug outbreak before they arrived. He said the local council had also been informed.

Pupils had been offered different activities due to the disruption and the school given a discount from £230 to £170.

Mr Nottidge said: “Bed bugs can take a long time to get rid off. Last week we decided to give ourselves a chance to clear the bedrooms. I’m confident the school would say it [the trip] went absolutely well.”

However he denied the outreach centre had a scabies problem.

Children from Claremont Fan Court School in Esher reported scabies infections from the burrowing mite shortly after returning from the centre but Mr Nottidge said he had no evidence the infection had come from Hindleap.

Bed bugs suck human blood and can be transferred from place to place by clothing, bed linen or furniture. They do not carry disease but their bites cause irritation and itching.

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