The one and only Tom Jones will perform an open air gig at Sandown Park Racecourse as part of the annual Jockey Club Live on Wednesday (July 19).

Sir Tom tells us about his longevity, why his live shows are ‘more than you ever imagined’ and why he keeps returning to the racecourse.

Your popularity never seems to wane and your fanbase continues to attract new, younger generations, why do you think that is?

It’s unavoidable and true that all performers and artists go through ups and downs. The only thing you can do is have confidence in yourself and your abilities and hope that the work you do is well received. It’s impossible to predict that moment in time when somebody who sees you will be the person who will offer the next opportunity. And who knows where that opportunity will lead?

You’ve played at Sandown Park racecourse before, what is it about the racecourse shows that you enjoy playing as we know you have done a few for The Jockey Club Live around the UK before?

The racecourses put on a great night out for everyone. Who wouldn’t want to come to see the world’s best horses and jockeys run, have excellent food and drink, have great fun with their friends, and see top-notch entertainment?

What can people expect from a Tom Jones concert that won’t have seen you before?

If someone hasn’t seen me live before, then they will get more than they ever imagined. This is the same for all live performances (if they’re good) — and it’s the reason why people spend their hard-earned money and precious time to go out and experience a live show — they will get to know the performer much better and they’ll be taken to a wonderful place.

With such a catalogue and recent critically acclaimed albums, how do you keep your set lists interesting for you but also ensure your audience goes home happy?

By mixing it all up and keeping things fresh. Actually, most people are delighted by surprises. They feel invigorated when they’ve experienced something unexpected. There are a few things I keep the same as well, simply because they are so good as they are.

It’s great that you’re back with The Voice, was it an easy decision to make when ITV got in touch?

Once I got the measure of things from the producers, it was an easy decision. I had such a great time with my fellow coaches this year, and the whole ITV production team were excellent to work with.

Tickets cost from £45 adults and £20 children. Go to