Grateful children have written to brave police officers to thank them for showing “true courage” during terror attacks on London Bridge and Westminster Bridge.

Kingston police shared the letters from Emilia, 10, and Jamie, 8 3/4, on their Facebook page this week after they arrived at the station on Monday (July 10).

Emilia penned her letter in turquoise to commend the officers’ “astonishing bravery”.

“You haven’t failed to show your true courage in these terrifying situations,” she wrote.

“We are all very thankful that there are people like you who will always be there to help us. You have taken control in life-or-death situations, and shown true leadership.

“I am therefore thanking you with my heart on behalf of our whole community.”

She continued: “I hope that those who have been injured temporarily or permanently continue to thrive in their wonderful lives, and to those that have lost loved ones, realise our thoughts and prayers are with them.”

In a dark shade of blue, Jamie wrote: “You have done very well on fighting all these terrorist attacks in the last days.

“I’m very grateful on what you have done to protect are city from all the horrible terrorist attacks in all my life that is a very long time.

“I wish you lots of safety in all terror attacks.”

Kingston’s Borough Commander Anthony Enoch replied to the children, thanking them for their letters and letting them know that he had put them on the borough’s ‘Pride Board – meaning all officers and visitors to the station can read them.

To Emilia, he wrote: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to write into the police station. Your letter is beautifully worded and incredibly neat. I especially like your blue pen that you have written in.

“My officers have had a very difficult couple of weeks, but receiving a letter like yours lets us know it is all worthwhile.”

Chief Superintendent Enoch, 50 ¼, also wrote a thank you letter to Jamie. It read: “I appreciate your messages of safety to all of our officers and agree that 8 and ¾ years is a very long time too.

“Thank you for taking the time to write into us. I know it means the world, not only to me, but all of my officers too.

“Your parents should be very proud of you.”

Five innocent people were killed when Khalid Masood ploughed into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before stabbing PC Keith Palmer outside Parliament on March 22.

On June 3, eight people died when Khuram Buttm Rachid Rehouane and Yousseff Zaghba, launched a murderous rampage on London Bridge and Borough Market before being shot dead by police.