A tearaway swan caused trouble on the A3 yesterday afternoon as Surrey Police held traffic going south to safely capture it.

The urgent Hot Fuzz style chase took place just after 3pm as the swan was "causing problems" on the busy road, near Painshill.

Pictures of the large swan and the officer tasked with capturing it were posted on Twitter.

It's not the first time an animal has caused mild havoc on the A3. Back in May six horses broke out of their enclosure and ran free through the traffic against the flow, before they were rounded up by police.

A year ago, in November, Molly the cockerpoo penned an email to the Elmbridge Comet newsdesk to apologise after she ran from her walker and caused a section of the A3 to be closed for 40 minutes while police looked for her.

It is presumed the swan was safely caught and taken somewhere a little less risky.