Ex-Manchester United footballer Dwight Yorke visited Kingston to promote tourism in his native Tobago.

The former Aston Villa, Blackburn and Sunderland striker once dubbed the Smiling Assassin was in Market Place on Saturday, in his role as brand ambassador for the Carribbean island.

Yorke impressed watching children with his skills, while crowds were kept entertained by a steel band and limbo dancers.

Others relaxed in a giant hammock set up especially for the event.

Actor Rudolph Walker, who plays Patrick Trueman in Eastenders, also visited Market Square to promote the island.

Sheona Walkers, Tobago's UK promotional analyst, said: ‘We’re delighted to bring a slice of Tobago to Kingston.

"We’re creating an experience to allow people to live the culture Tobago style, celebrating the treasures that set the island apart from others."

Watch a video of Kingston turning Tobagan below