So what’s been happening this week?

Well, the weather’s changed a bit, Michael and I went out with friends (on a school night) and I’ve been running in Richmond Park trying to avoid the deer.

Also, it’s been a landmark week for my son, as he’s graduated to a toddler bed. I must confess though, it was much more of a big deal for me.

He was still sleeping well in his cot and we only experienced a freak week in June with him jumping out, but that soon passed.

But Michael and I thought the time had come where he was old enough to have a little more independence.

It had played on my mind for a few days.

Where had my baby gone? Will he need me any more? Where is the time flying to?

It’s a really strange feeling, but one you have to face and get a grip on.

So Saturday arrived and we were all there as Michael took down the cot.

My son didn’t flinch. We opened the box of the new bed. Again my son didn’t flinch, but Michael and I went pale.

The wrong bed had been delivered, even though we signed for the right one. Panic!

Phone calls and emails were frantically exchanged and we were finally given permission to assemble the one we had and the correct one would be delivered in six weeks.

Hey ho – at least the fracas distracted me from all the sentimental emotions I was holding in.

Anyway, my son hasn’t been fazed in the slightest. He’s sleeping just as well in his new bed, doesn’t get out at silly o’clock, and is very proud of it.

Plus his baby sister is jumping on and off it too. Here’s to the next milestone and a touch less anxiety…hopefully!