Police officers searching for the borough’s most wanted men and women celebrated their 50th successful result after an offender handed himself in.

Officers in the special constabulary fugitive team find the borough’s most wanted by visiting the places they frequent.

But they were finding it a tedious task in relation to Steven Byrne, 38, of Kingsnympton Park, Kingston, after he failed to turn up to Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court in relation to stealing meat from a Kingston Tesco.

However, Byrne handed himself in to Kingston police last month.

He was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay compensation of £200.

It is believed Byrne handed himself in after officers contacted his family and gained their trust.

Deputy borough commander Bill Heasman said: "A large amount of police time is taken up locating suspects and serving warrants.

"The decision to form this stand-alone team dedicated solely to the serving of warrants, and coordinated and managed entirely by specials, is a unique Kingston response to our particular needs.

"It has been a major success for us and an excellent use of an excellent resource."

The special constabulary fugitive team has been working to locate the borough’s most wanted since October 2012.