A comedy night organiser has recalled the night Robin Williams performed in Kingston.

Mr Williams was found dead at his home in California last night.

Maff Brown, from Outside the Box comedy, remembers the legendary actor and stand-up as "generous, grateful and giving".

Mr Williams played a single 15-minute gig at the Fighting Cocks in Old London Road in 2008, as a last-minute warm up for his performance at Prince Charles' 60th birthday bash in Wimbledon.

Mr Brown said: "It was just one of those nights that nobody will ever forget. It was just amazing.

"He couldn't have been more generous, or grateful, or giving. Our VIP area was just a bit of cloth that we'd hung up on the ceiling. He just wanted to do comedy."

The 80-strong audience did not believe him when he announced Mr Williams was coming on stage on that Monday night, he said.

But when Mr Williams stepped out, "the place went absolutely bonkers".

Mr Brown added: "He didn't say a word for 10 minutes - one bloke was actually just shouting 'Jumanji' at him for about a minute.

"He did about 15 minutes of material. It was brilliantly funny, it was very well crafted."

When he received the call about Mr Williams' surprise visit, Mr Brown was away in New York and initially reacted with disbelief.

He said: "I was so excited. I didn't even consider I could change my flights - I just bought two more."