It has been many years since the horse and cart reigned in Tolworth - but one bride changed all that in a spectacular ride to church for her wedding.

Lisa Mulrooney, née Chapman, was whisked up to St Matthew's Church from her mother's house in Prince's Avenue in real style, by two shire horses who had previously starred in the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.

Mrs Mulrooney, 38, said: "It was just my dream come true. I've been riding horses since I was probably three or four and it was what I wanted on my wedding day.

"People were taking photos - it was amazing."

Son Liam, four, who served as page boy, thoroughly enjoyed the ride, she added.

Guests waiting patiently in the church were unaware of the spectacle.

Mrs Mulrooney said: "Nobody knew about the horses and carriage so I think they got a shock when they stepped outside."

She and husband Brian, 30, held a reception at Chessington Golf Centre, where organisers "pulled out all the stops" for them.

The couple, who have been together since 2007, are honeymooning in Portugal this week.

They met at the King William pub in Ewell Village, where they were both regulars, and got talking after working up a little Dutch courage, Mrs Mulrooney said.