Bidding for the iconic Tolworth Tower closes this week, with hopes high that a buyer will be found who can finally realise the building's true potential.

The deadline for bids is Thursday, July 31, with estate agents Knight Frank confident the 22-storey tower will be sold for around £45m.

Kingston Council leader Kevin Davis said earlier this month that converting the tower into flats could help regenerate Tolworth on its own.

This week, we asked shoppers and residents what they would like to see the building used for.









Surrey Comet:

Steve King, fireplace fitter 

"I think I'd be quite happy for the tower to stay as office blocks. Anything that can fill it would be great.

"The building might not look good all of the time, but at night it has a nice purple light on it. It's an iconic building in Tolworth and I don't think many residents would want it to change."

Surrey Comet:

Ted King, fire place fitter

"As long as it stays just as it is, I don't mind what goes there. I wouldn't want it to change at all.

"It's a real landmark in Tolworth."

Surrey Comet:

​Daya Arulini, personal assistant

"I'd like to see the tower looking the way it is, but I think another hotel would really benefit the area."

Surrey Comet:

Kim Bond, foster carer

"We've already got the Travelodge.

"I think it would be great if the Travelodge could buy the tower and just expand into it. I wouldn't like to see it change dramatically".

Surrey Comet:

Madeline Maguire, IT Tutor

"It's a monstrosity, yes it is, but it's also iconic.

"It's always been here since I have. I would however like to see it re-vamped so it looks a little better.

"I'd be happy for it to be filled with anything as long as something goes in it."

Surrey Comet:

Mustafa Resa, dry cleaner

"I heard it's going to be converted into luxury flats, and I think that will be really good for the area.

"It will be nice to have something a little more high-end."

Surrey Comet:

Billy Templeton, prison officer

"As a resident, I do really like the tower and would want to see it looking different. What I wouldn't want to happen is for anything which might be recreational and may encourage young people to sit outside on the streets by it drinking. That's already a real problem in Tolworth."

What would you like to see in the Tolworth Tower?

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