It seems like once you have turned your back on one milestone, you are staring another in the face. When will it stop?

I thought about it this week and came to the realisation that it does not.

This week I presented The One Show for two nights, and the lovely gentleman who drove me home told me he had a 40-year-old son and went on to talk about his family. 40!

I tried to imagine my children at that age and nearly fainted on the back seat.

So let us get back to the present day. My two-year-old son is finally coming to terms with the fact that jumping out of his cot is not going to get him in the “big bed” and my little one, apparently, took a couple of steps unaided (of course, I was in the kitchen).

In our home, we no longer have anything that could cater for a new born baby and it was sad for me, even emotional.

The last of the bits were taken to the charity shop and, hopefully, have gone to a good home.

Now we are preparing for a toddler bed and moving the children into the same room. Hopefully, it will all work smoothly and, obviously, I’ll be reporting back.

To add to the fun and games, we have turned our hand to music. My dad bought my son a toy violin and he has also been playing a mouth organ he found in Michael’s drawer.

They have been banging on drums, playing toy flutes and we have all been honing our contemporary dance moves.

We also have a massive inflatable car in the dining room to keep the children entertained.

Our home now officially belongs to our two children. So not only are our children taking over our lives, but our home. I have a feeling it will never change.