A 15-year-old died after falling from a balcony staircase inside the Bentall Centre this evening.

UPDATED: Teenager was Korean student a day away from end of term

Police were called to the Kingston shopping centre at 4.50pm today to reports of a boy injured following a fall.

He suffered multiple injuries including head injuries and fractures and was taken to St George's Hospital.

Police confirmed he died at about 6.15pm today.

His next of kin have been told.

A post-mortem examination will take place. Kingston police are investigating the circumstances surrounding his death, which is being treated as non-suspicious.

Hundreds of shoppers were evacuated after the fall this afternoon.

Earlier student David Gazet said: "There's three police cars and an ambulance.

"I talked to the staff and they said this time last year someone jumped off inside and committed suicide.

"I was there when it occurred. I didn't see it myself but I saw lots of people standing around the balcony looking at the bottom.

"Then the alarm went off and they said it was an emergency.

"Police are setting up a cordon, there's roughly about six police officers."

It is not clear if he fell, with shoppers speculating that the boy jumped.

Another person said: "I was there. I didn't see the fall but I heard the horrifying crash and spoke to a few people like myself.

"We were in the basement and the person landed almost in front of Mothercare.

"I was in the play cafe with my baby boy. We were led out of the back way because we didn't want kids to see it.

"There was no scream or shout. That emphasises it was a jump. The member of staff leading us said I don't think it was a jump. 

"One of the women came out with me said it was a young boy, 15-16 years old.

"She was looking for her son but it wasn't him."

Witnesses claimed the person was a man.

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