Police used a phone app to trace a Mini that had allegedly been stolen in Tolworth.

A 23-year-old woman called police, just after 5pm on Saturday night, to say her car and mobile phone had been stolen in Broad Oaks, Tolworth.

Officers were able to use a tracking app on her phone to trace the yellow Mini, discovered parked in Verona Drive about a mile away.

A 21-year-old man was carried from a flat in Verona Drive by officers with Tasers.

Although the Met helicopter’s Twitter account described it as an alleged car-jacking, the suspect was arrested on suspicion of theft and taking and driving away, but with no suggestion of violence involved.

He was taken into custody and released on police bail until August.

But witnesses said they were unhappy with how police dealt with the situation.

A 17-year-old bystander was arrested on suspicion of affray for allegedly threating to harm a police dog and its handler.

He was later also bailed until August while police investigate.

One resident said police entered his flat believing he was hiding the suspect, and threatened to arrest him if he did not co-operate.

He said: “I asked what was going on and one of them told me to shut up or I’d be nicked.”

Another woman said: “There were about five or six police officers who carried the boy [the 21-year-old] out of the block of flats.

“They had him face down, hands behind his back and then some of the mums came out telling police they shouldn’t handle him like that.”

One woman said: “My daughter saw it, and now she’s scared of the police, and she shouldn’t be scared of the police.”

Witnesses should call Kingston police on 101.