One of Kingston's most notorious troublemakers argued with magistrates as they handed him an ASBO banning him from the town centre for three years.

Daniel Sycamore, 30, has at least 49 convictions and five public order offences racked up in Kingston town centre mainly related to his heavy drinking.

His offences include punching a shop worker and wiping his backside in Kingston High Street.

The final straw came when he racially abused a community police officer on May 14 - a crime he is currently serving a four month prison sentence for.

Kingston Sergeant Dave Williams said: "Daniel Sycamore has become a familiar face around Kingston town centre for all the wrong reasons.

"He has existed by doing little more than getting drunk, harassing members of the public and committing crime."

At Wimbledon Magistrates' Court on Friday, Sycamore, who gave an address of Meadcroft House, Sheephouse Way, Old Malden, repeatedly tried to interrupt the court hearing.

Magistrate Evan Parsons had to shout him down as he called Sycamore's behaviour "unacceptable, childish and appalling".

Mr Parsons said: "People who want to take their families to Kingston should not have to put up with this loutish behaviour."

"People need protecting from anti social behaviour like yours."

Standing in the dock, Sycamore said: "Can I just say something though? It wasn't just me was it?"

As security ushered Sycamore back towards the cells, he said: "Yeah, whatever."

He is now banned from Kingston's new Designated Public Places Order (DPPO) zone, which stretches from Lower Ham Road in north Kingston, across to Queen Elizabeth Road in the east and down to South Lane and High Street.