I always tell my wonderful husband to be careful what he wishes for.

I remember when he said he could not wait for our son to say ‘Daddy’ and now he can say it, over and over again.

I have to laugh watching Michael get exasperated hearing his name shouted out.

Then, the other night, we were sitting on the couch having a chinwag, when he said he could not wait for the time our son would jump in our bed, cuddle up and fall asleep.

Well, it was as if my son knew I had a column to write and could do with some content. At 10 minutes to six this morning, I heard a little yelp, then a toddler scurried across the landing, calling out for Daddy.

Unfortunately, Michael was out on his bike, and luckily I was awake catching up on paperwork, so I could quickly remove him out of earshot of my sleeping daughter.

So we now have a leapfrog in the house and soon he will be pushing us out of our own bed. Thanks Michael.

Also this week, my son has started exploring all corners of the house, including our roof. One rather boozy Halloween night, back when children were something other people had, Michael and I found a massive polystyrene skull and brought it home.

Now, said skull has been discovered in the loft by my son.

It has now been named Monster. Monster has been to Sainsbury’s, the park, sits with us for breakfast, lunch and dinner, eating what has been prepared.

Monster has been living the good life considering he looks like he has had a tough one.

So now we are a family of five and it is going well.

I should be careful what I wish for.