A woman in a wheelchair watched in horror as a loose dog savaged her pet, puncturing its eye.

Julia Adams, 62, was in Canbury Gardens when her chihuahua-pug mix, Peppa, fell victim to another dog.

She said: “The dog just came hurtling through the shrubs [and] turned her on her back. I’m in a wheelchair and I couldn’t get up and do anything. She’s a tiny little thing.

“The blood was just gushing out of my dog’s eye because the other dog had bitten right through the retina. She’s not even five yet.

“The woman didn’t apologise, she just ran off. It’s obviously a dangerous dog and I should imagine it’s done it before.”

Mrs Adams, who lives in the Bittoms, was left with a £1,069 vet’s bill, but has no idea who owns the runaway dog.

She said that when she visited Kingston police station the following day to report the attack, staff suggested she visit the Boaters Inn and ask to see their CCTV – but their cameras do not cover the area where the attack took place.

She said: “I was just so shocked and shaken up that I went the next day. They didn't take a report, they just told me to go down to Canbury Gardens and look at the CCTV down there. We’ve got no way of establishing who this woman is.”

Kingston Council dog warden Stewart Toop said he was aware of the attack, but that not enough information was available for him to take further action.

Peppa has bounced back from the assault, and is now running around again following surgery.