I felt like a clown this week.

Not only in terms of having mad frizzy hair and not getting a chance to put makeup on properly, but I’ve been great at juggling. Juggling all sorts of things; bills, tidying, emails and minor fiascos.

I’ve even had some stick about not picking up my phone and getting back to people immediately. I jumped on a train and nearly witnessed a fight break out because someone had their bag on a seat. Gosh! These things can be draining if you let them get to you.

I was watching my son play with a tricky puzzle this week and it was fascinating to see him calmly and methodically work out how to solve it.

He wasn’t interested in letting the complexity of it stress him out; he just wanted to get the job done. It made me think that sometimes children really do have the best approach.

I chatted to Michael and told him that we should no longer be interested in problems, but simply focused on finding solutions, the part you can control. It’s been our motto for the week.

One thing you can’t control is the amount of times you sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with your toddler. He’s two-and-a-half now and walking around as if he owns the place.

You also can’t control time. My baby girl was born this time last year and it’s emotional to remember how I was feeling then and seeing her beautiful beaming face every time I walk into the bedroom in the morning.

Finally Michael had a wonderful Father’s Day, his first being a dad of two.

I watched him and saw the immense pride he had in his eyes playing with his children. I guess it’s moments like that that puts any problem into context.

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