So this week you may have seen me panting round Richmond Park as I step up my exercise routine to get rid of my flabby bits and aim to complete my goal of running the Great North Run.

It has been so difficult to get motivated and some days I just want to sit at home, eat half a packet of custard creams and play with the children.

But in order to fit it in the day, I’ve been getting up at 5.40am and am back in an hour to quickly shower and get the children up at 7am (I leave Michael in bed for those wondering).

In order for this madcap plan to happen, I have to have my gear prepped the night before and have early nights in the week so it’s all about being focused and I have to admit I’m feeling more energised and positive.

Also this week, it was an honour to be part of one of the greatest horsing events of the year as I was working at the Epsom Derby on Saturday.

I film all over the country, but it’s so nice to work when you’re not that far from home.

My slot on Weekend Kitchen with Waitrose finished early so I was back home in time for the sun to come out and have some quality time with the family.

Getting a work/home balance is so important to me and it makes it all the worthwhile when you see your children are happy. My toddler son is now talking, counting and being cheeky (he gets it from his dad) and my baby girl has started taking tentative steps so the stair gates are back up.

I sometimes try to remember what life was like before, but just can’t remember. Baby brain!