The man accused of raping a pensioner and trying to strangle her has told jurors he had been out buying tea bags at the time of the attack.

Father-of-one Robert Richards, 22, took to the stand to give evidence today.

Agency labourer Mr Richards, denies rape, attempted rape, attempted murder and causing grievous bodily harm to a woman in her 70s at her home in Chessington early morning on October 23 last year.

Speaking from the witness box wearing a black shirt and blue jeans at Kingston Crown Court today, Mr Richards told jurors he woke up later than usual after snoozing his alarm until 6am.

He said: "I give my partner a kiss, tell her I Iove her, I go downstairs.

"I do the washing up and have a quick cigarette outside and then go back and then leave to go and get some tea bags.

"The night before she [Mr Richards' girlfriend] ran out of tea bags and she was talking about it at night. She likes her tea first thing in the morning."

He added his girlfriend for a year got "grumpy" without her morning cup of tea.

The pair had slept together the night before and Mr Richards said he had also watched a television programme about adults partying in Magaluf before going to bed at around 11.30pm.

The jury watched CCTV footage of Mr Richards buying tea bags at a nearby shop in Chessington.

Mr Richards, had been working early mornings at Eel Pie Island in Twickenham as part of his agency work at the time.

He had attended a children's parents evening the night before the attack and treated his family to fish and chips, the court heard.

He was arrested by police wearing seven pairs of socks.

He said he had not washed his clothes including his work bottoms for at least a week due to a broken washing machine.

The court heard the victim and the defendant had known each other as Mr Richards had changed a light bulb for her once before.

The trial continues.