A set of “hardy” trees planted on the controversial Tolworth Greenway appear to be on their last legs – just six months after the regeneration scheme was completed.

The Italian cypresses, planted near the roundabout as part of the £3.1m scheme, appeared threadbare and unhealthy this week.

Surbiton firefighter Simon Jakeman, a Green Party candidate in the recent local elections, said: “It’s really sad to see evergreen trees in such a sad state, turning browner by the day.

“The right trees would have reduced air pollution and reduced the heat effect from all that concrete in the summer.”

Newly elected Conservative councillor Ian George, in Alexandra ward, suggested the trees might not be getting enough water and were likely to die soon.

A gardening website described the ornamental trees as “hardy” and “drought tolerant”.

Surrey Comet:

Surbiton resident Jane Grove, who travels through the Greenway every day, said: “Whatever they do to Tolworth, they always seem to make a mess of it.

“This scheme was dubbed the Greenway, and we were expecting a nice boulevard of trees – instead we get a few spindly saplings and some incongruous trees which have been neglected and left to die.

“Surely, after all the money that they have spent on the Greenway, they could at least take the time to look after it?”

Lib Dem Tolworth and Hook Rise councillor Vicki Harris said: “It is one of the things on my list to chase up. If they have not been maintained and they’re dying, then they will have to be replaced.”

Despite the fact several trees look to be in decline, a council spokesman said only one tree was in poor health.

He said: “The contractor is nurturing it to bring it back to life.”

Surrey Comet:

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