More than a tenth of Kingston patients say they cannot get a GP appointment, according to healthcare researchers.

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) said there was a “postcode lottery” for patients, with people in deprived areas waiting longer for appointments.

Kingston falls roughly in the middle of the pack, with 11.28 per cent of patients saying they could not see their family doctor.

That compares with 22 per cent in Bradford and five per cent in Bath and North East Somerset.

Kingston clinical commissioning group (CCG) boss Dr Naz Jivani said: “We are pleased that the majority of people in Kingston can make an appointment to see their GP within a reasonable time period.

“However as a CCG, we are not complacent. We believe all Kingston patients deserve to see a GP in good and appropriate time, and therefore we are constantly looking for ways to improve further.

“We are committed to working with NHS England, who hold the GP contracts.”

RCGP chairman Dr Maureen Baker said: “Every single patient should be able to see their GP when they are in need of medical assistance, regardless of where they live.

“Family doctors are working harder than ever – but with increasing patient demand, due to a growing and ageing population, and plummeting investment, there simply aren’t enough GPs to go round.”

Kingston has the equivalent of 44 GPs per 100,000 patients, the RCGP found, whereas Devon has 60.2, the highest figure.

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