A retired New Malden serviceman may have died after coming into contact with asbestos up to 50 years before, an inquest has heard.

Raymond Greengrass, 68, of Beresford Road, died on October 28 last year at Princess Alice Hospice from mesothelioma.

No family were at the inquest at West London Coroner’s Court on Thursday.

Mr Greengrass’s daughter wrote how her father believed the only time he may have come in contact with asbestos was working for a book supplier in Neasden as a teenager.

She said: “He used to have to go down to the cellar and get the accounts.”

The inquest heard smoker Mr Greengrass refused antibiotics and preferred a symptom control treatment.

He went to accident and emergency the day before he was admitted to the hospice, where he died the same day.