A market trader has described the moment a blood-covered man with a slit throat walked into a packed pub after a suicide attempt.

Diners and drinkers, including families and children froze when the man in his 40s walked up the bar in the Monkey Puzzle pub near Chessington World of Adventures on Saturday evening.

Tony Goshawk, 49, a fruit and veg Kingston market trader, said: "He walked into the pub and everybody froze.

"It was packed. They must have been full. Nobody knew what to do.

"All of his clothes were covered in blood. The gash was about as long as your or my hand.

"He came to the bar and asked for an ambulance. I looked to make sure he didn't have a knife."

He said the man told him he had slashed himself with a razor blade in a nearby field but then changed his mind about killing himself.

Mr Goshawk, who lives in Chessington, said: "All I did was put a whole packet of serviettes and held it over his neck to close the cut.

"He was unconscious and kept waking up. He was a nice guy. I liked the guy and I hope the guy gets the help he needs."

A man in his 40s was taken to hospital after the incident on Saturday at 7.20pm.

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