The count is done and every penny gathered in.

Generous givers raised £35,019 for Love Kingston Day on February 14 this year – topped up to £43,672 by Government match funding.

Five Kingston charities – women’s refuge Hestia, youth charity Oxygen, Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness, credit union Surrey Save and Kingston Foodbank - will benefit.

Fundraiser Elaine Miller said: “It isn’t bad. I know I was incredibly ambitious with aiming for £100,000 but we will smash that next year.

“A lot of people got involved at the last minute. It takes time to catch on.

Surbiton High School raised £300 and I know that they will do more [next year].”

She praised Shrewsbury House School, who were the single biggest donor to Love Kingston day raising £15,000.

Mrs Miller said: “They have been incredibly generous, the parents and the kids also.

“Children have been going home and talking about it after having a presentation in the assemblies.”

A school assembly will thank Shrewsbury on May 7.

A year after it was launched, in October 2012, the ‘pathways out of poverty’ appeal had raised £90,000 in pledges.

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