The Easter bunny that went missing has been reunited with its teenage owner thanks to its Surrey Comet appearance.

Ciara Hill, 17, of Raeburn Avenue, Berrylands, was distraught after she lost her pet rabbit Treacle when her father accidentally left the hatch open whilst mowing the lawn last week.

She said: “We were searching for him for ages – we thought he was dead because there’s not much hope for bunnies. It is really lucky that he didn’t get run over or taken by a fox.

“We spent the whole of Easter miserable so it was just amazing to get him back. He was really happy to be home. He follows me about all day and comes when I call his name.”

Treacle has been a member of the Hill family for six years and was bought from the pet shop when he was just six weeks old.

He had never run away before but managed to stumble halfway down the road before concerned neighbours picked up the champagne-coloured bunny and brought him to safety.

Raeburn Avenue resident Leslie Birch, who took in the fluffy animal and contacted the Surrey Comet about an appeal, said she had received a number of calls from people wanting to re-home the bunny but had waited on the owner to get in touch.

She said: “The owner was just so happy. It was an Easter miracle. All’s well that ends well.”