An illegal rave for up to 10,000 people at an empty warehouse in Chessington was foiled by police at the last minute, it has been revealed.

Unwitting residents would have been in for a sleepless night on Friday, March 28 were it not for officers from Kingston acting on a tip-off.

Police attended the warehouse in Oakcroft Road at 5.15pm following reports that an “illegal gathering” was being prepared at the premises.

There they found squatters setting up a 50 ft bar, fully stocked with drinks, and a “vast” sound system.

The squatters were evicted and the warehouse was secured – narrowly avoiding a repeat of the rave that descended on Chessington on February 1.

Back then, hundreds of ravers partied all night at a warehouse in Cox Lane, on the Chessington Industrial Estate.

Residents living in New Malden, Berrylands and Surbiton all reported hearing noise from the illicit gathering.

But police believe the foiled rave could have been ten times bigger.

The Oakcroft Road site had the potential to hold approximately 10,000 people, and when questioned by police organisers claimed to be expecting between 7,500 and 10,000 ravers.

Details of the latest, foiled rave have only now been released by police. Chief inspector Gary Taylor said: “Kingston police are working closely with Kingston Council to ensure illegal raves do not have the opportunity to take place in this borough.

“We are appealing to the community for help to identify the vulnerable empty sites and ask that people keep a look out and call 999 immediately if they suspect an illegal rave is setting up.”

Kingston Council leader Liz Green said: “The swift action by Kingston police prevented a huge amount of disruption for residents in Chessington.

“These events are illegal and purely commercial. The organisers are quite prepared to break the law by damaging private property and causing wide scale noise disruption to residents in pursuit of illegal financial gain.”