On Mother’s Day, my baby daughter gave me a present; starting to properly crawl.

All three of us were there to witness it and were ecstatic she had crossed another milestone until she managed to crawl her way over to Michael’s drawer and start pulling out his receipts.

Here we go again. This week has also been about tricks, all sorts of tricks from every member of my family.

Now I’m not talking about magic tricks, but cheeky mischievous goings on.

The first culprit was my daughter. Her two bottom teeth have already made an appearance, but she seemed to have another bout of teething problems and refused to eat.

I started to get worried so used some trickery to get her to open up. I had a water bottle and every time I’d put it near her mouth she’d go to bite it and I’d then slip a spoonful of pureed food in her mouth.

However, by the end of the week she knew exactly what was going on and was having none of it.

My two-year-old toddler son is counting, knows his colours and communicating well. He’s a mini Michael in looks and cheekiness and seems to know it.

On every single occasion when we’ve had to leave the house this week, I’ve had to chase him around to get his coat on. Although this is incredibly funny and I try not to laugh, it’s time consuming.

And finally, my health conscious husband, who’s been getting up at 5am to go cycling, has been indulging secretly on tasty treats from our Sainsbury’s Local behind my back.

I’ve found empty cookie packets and fizzy drink bottles around the house. Just call me Miss Marple. I wouldn’t mind, but he could have at least offered me some!