Planning courses at Kingston University will close, following a consultation with students and staff about the future of the School of Surveying and Planning.

A row over plans to close the school - now confirmed - led to its head, Dr Sarah Sayce, being suspended after ‘trying to rally’ students and staff in its defence.

Residential property courses will also be withdrawn, along with property planning and development, art market appraisal, and a post-graduate urban design course.

The university said all but two students will be able to finish their courses, in the report on the 30-day consultation shared with students and staff today.

Other courses in the school will be transferred to other faculties.

A student within the school said: “It seems like they have done what they have had to do and everything else, they have kept as they originally proposed.

“It seems to say to us, ‘We’ve not listened to anything you have said.’ It’s quite disheartening.

“Everything we put to them about transferring the school and keeping the school together, they have ignored.”

Four members of administrative staff at the school will be "displaced" elsewhere in the university, the report said. Support staff have been reshuffled within the Faculties of Engineering and Art, Design and Architecture.

The university’s report said: “We have communicated and consulted extensively both in the period when the proposals were being drawn up and during the past 30 days while the consultation has been taking place.

“The consultation process has influenced the final outcome.

“We have complied with our policy on managing organisational restructure in consulting with affected staff and, above and beyond that, have also sought the views of the trade union, students and professional bodies during the consultation period.

“The level of participation has been high and we have carefully considered all feedback.”