Tesco has ruled out opening a store on the site of Kingston gig venue The Peel.

The iconic pub in Cambridge Road has announced it is closing later this year after owners Punch Taverns - which is attempting to restructure a £2.3bn debt mountain - decided to sell the venue.

The news fueled online speculation that the supermarket giant was planning on buying the land and opening a store on the site.

But Roberto Munoz, Tesco's London communications manager, said this morning: "I can confirm we are not looking at the Robert Peel pub."

A day-long party is being planned for the summer before the Peel closes for good.

A statement on the pub's Facebook page read: "It is so nice to see all the support for The Peel, thank you all very much.


"The management are currently in the process of trying to organise a big party to say thanks for all your constant support, so keep your eyes (Sir Robert) peeled."