Have Your Say: Should Kingston become more pink?

12:36pm Wednesday 26th March 2014

By Omar Oakes

A Surbiton shop's decision to go pink has polarised opinion among Surrey Comet readers - with reaction ranging from "hideous" to "fantastic".

It comes after Liberal Democrat Kingston councillors launched a petition against the owners of FP Turner and Sons to reverse their decision to paint the frontage bright pink.

Commenting on our story yesterday, DB said: "It is hideous without a doubt...  That said, I welcome any attempt to try to tidy up Surbiton's street scene, but I fear we have a long way to go!"

Peterf17 said: "I agree that this is horrible and detrimental the appearance of the ever shabbier looking Victoria [Road]."

But Simbali said: "Love it! The colour definitely gets your attention, I just hope the shop lives up to it with quality goods."

And Kingstonpaul said: "Fantastic. Love it. Looks like a shrine to My Little Pony."

So what would Kingston look like if more buildings turned pink? Here's a few examples of how the new-look Pinkston upon Thames could look...

Surrey Comet:

The Cambridge Road Estate

Surrey Comet:

The Guildhall (Kingston Council's headquarters) in Pinkston town centre

Surrey Comet:

Hampton Court Palace in pink - looking very similar to the end of Ghostbusters 2

Surrey Comet:

Pinkston Bridge

Surrey Comet:

The Rose Theatre - revamped as the Rosey Theatre

Surrey Comet:

The new pink phoneboxes of Pinkston town centre

Surrey Comet:

The Shrubsole Memorial in Pinkston town centre

Surrey Comet:

And last but definitely not least... a pink Tolworth Tower you can enjoy from miles away!

Surrey Comet:

The Surrey Comet went pink in May 2011 when journalists Louise Robertson and Jonathan Portlock won a Heart of Equality award from Gay Surrey 

Would you welcome more brightly coloured buildings in Kingston? Have your say by leaving a comment or email a letter to: letters@surreycomet.co.uk.




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