It does not get any cuter than this....

The Wildlife Aid Foundation (WAF), one of the UK's largest animal rescue centres and based in Leatherhead, has released a series of videos featuring some of the creatures they have taken in.

1. This little fox cub gets her first feed after being abandoned by her mum 

2. And now here she is getting weighed to make sure she’s growing

3. These baby badgers are given a soft toy to cuddle up to. Sadly one has since died

 4. Here the badger cubs do the “bum dance” in their cage 

5. This tiny robin opens wide while being fed using a paintbrush 

6. And he eats some more 

7. A duo of chubby fox cubs arrive at the wildlife hospital 

8. This older hedgehog swims to groovy music

You can contact the WAF on 0906 180 0132, or visit