Former editor of The Sun Kelvin MacKenzie will stand in the Elmbridge Council elections this May, in a bid to take a seat from the Conservatives.

Mr MacKenzie, 67, will represent the St George’s Hill Independent Party in the elections on May 22, and hopes to replace Councillor Keith Egan, whose term is coming to an end.

Mr MacKenzie became involved with the St George’s Hill Independents after forming a friendship with current members, Brian Fairclough and Peter Harman.

He said: “I loved their passion for the area and decided I would like to get involved. Local residents know that with my track record I can get things done for them.”

Mr MacKenzie, who edited the national newspaper between 1981 and 1994, has lived in the Lockestone Estate in Weybridge with his wife for nine years and previously stood in the borough elections in May 2008.

In a leaflet to residents outlining his campaign, Mr MacKenzie said he wanted to “shake up” car parking charges.

Mr MacKenzie said: “I still feel strongly about the car parking area and what I want to do is introduce a scheme similar to the one in Windsor, where residents have little stickers in their cars.

“That is what I want to do across Elmbridge, particularly in Weybridge, to stop car parks used by commuters who drive in.”

Under Mr MacKenzie’s plan, residents would get a 20 per cent reduction in charges at the station, while those who drive in to the borough would have to pay a 20 per cent increase.

Mr MacKenzie said he also wants to shut down the civic centre in Esher High Street and move the council offices to a cheaper part of the borough along with using the council’s reserve funds to reduce the cost of council tax.

Since delivering his campaign leaflets, Mr MacKenzie said he has had a huge response.

He said: “If I was to take the reaction, I feel very heartened by it. The Conservatives are pretty unpopular at the moment and I think people like the idea of an independent voice.

“People know I can speak for them. I am speaking on behalf of residents and they know I can hopefully be a force of change.”

The St George’s Hill ward is currently represented by one Conservative and two St George’s Hill Independent Party councillors.