Chessington schoolchildren scripted, performed and filmed their own movies about princesses, castles and sharks.

Surrey Comet:

Pupils at Castle Hill Primary School paraded down a red carpet in their classroom, with their classmates acting as paparazzi snapping away on mobile cameras.

Surrey Comet:

The Year 2 pupils showed off their hard work in front of teachers and parents at a screening on Friday.

Surrey Comet:

Teacher Gemma Lines said her pupils designed their own characters, wrote the scripts, and created their own sets and backdrops.

She added: “They mostly revolved around a princess trapped in a castle, and there was always a baddie involved. The goodie always had to save the day.

“Pizza Man was trying to attack the land, and turn everything into pizza. Some got attacked by sharks.

“The children thoroughly enjoyed it. Parents were asking if we were going to be selling [the films] on DVD.”