Boris Johnson said today he was seldom away from Kingston and could not wait to see the contentious new Tolworth Greenway, paid for by Transport for London funds.

The Mayor of London made a mad dash through Surbiton today to promote the Kingston Conservative’s campaign for 30 minutes free parking ahead of this May's local elections.

He met fellow Conservatives outside the Martins near Surbiton station and visited shops in Victoria Road including Wilders Deli and next door Simon Smith flowers.

Asked about visiting Tolworth Greenway said: “Wild horses wouldn’t keep me away. I’m seldom away from Kingston.”

Mr Johnson is due to visit Richard Challoner School for a ticket only question time event on March 26.

He also commented on this week's award of about £30m for Kingston cycle schemes saying: “It doesn’t look very dutch at the moment. I’m looking forward to seeing the plans there as well."

Mr Johnson also remembered meeting transport union leader Bob Crow, who died yesterday, for the first time in Kingston.

He said: “It was a very friendly exchange. It was a good evening. The thing about Bob was he had a fine record in sticking up for his members. He has a very proud and honourable legacy.”

Commenting on the Conservatives pledge to bring in 30 minutes free parking if they win power in May's Kingston Council elections said: “In 30 minutes you could buy a lot of stuff. I’m sure there’s room for flexibility."

Liberal Democrats say it should be up to each of the four neighbourhood committees to decide on free parking, not for the overall council to dictate.

Then he was whisked away toward Richmond. He was due to visit a salon in Kew this afternoon at about 4.30pm where the owner has promised to try and cut his blonde hair and persuade him to take part in filming for a local film project.