In 1982, physician Robert Goldman asked top athletes if they would take a hypothetical pill that would make them Olympic champions, but kill them in five years, writes Sam Hawyood.

More than half said yes.

Meanwhile, the Sochi Winter Olympics saw a record 2,453 drug tests carried out, but at least six athletes still thought it was worth running the risk.

This month’s Cafe Scientifique will explore the morality and impact of doping in sport.

Presented by Prof Andrea Petroczi from the school of life sciences at Kingston University, Catch Me If You Can – Doping In Sport will ask whether doping is necessary for extraordinary athletic performance.

Initially arising from concerns over health, doping control has now turned into a moral crusade to protect clean sport.

Prof Petroczi will be discussing her research into current doping behaviour in the midst of conflicting expectations, commercial pressures and pharmacological advances. 

Cafe Scientifique, Woody’s Bar, Ram Passage, Kingston Tuesday, March 25, 7pm, free. Email