Bungling burglars stole deep fat fryers from a Kingston takeaway and turned CCTV cameras up to the roof to hide their identities - without realising the ceiling was mirrored.

Chic-O-Land in St James’ Road was featured on Monday night’s episode of BBC One’s Caught Red Handed, presented by Dominic Littlewood.

The show features tales of criminals being caught in the act through CCTV and other methods.

Last night’s installment shone new light on how Mark Allaway, 41, from Garth Road in Morden, was eventually caught and jailed for the theft, which took place on April 22.

The five minute segment uses footage taken from Chic-O-Land’s cameras, stills of which appeared in the Surrey Comet when the burglary happened.

It shows Allaway and an unknown accomplice turn the cameras towards the outlet’s ceiling – without noticing the roof is mirrored, thereby showing the culprits’ reflections.

There is a further gaffe when one of the thieves drives their white van parked outside the store forwards, and reveals a registration plate.

Allaway is then clearly seen standing at the back of the van.

Chic-O-land co-manager Serdar Besler said: “They came in just before Christmas to film.

“I haven’t seen the programme yet. I don’t know of I need to – I saw it all when it happened.” Allaway was caught in June, when he was spotted sitting in a cafe in Wallington by passing police officers who recognised him from Chic-O-Land’s CCTV footage.

He was charged with both the Chic-O-Land burglary and another theft from Mackay’s Fried Chicken in Morden.

He was jailed in January for 20 months.