Shopkeepers and staff have been left angered after a parking scheme was imposed in three New Malden roads.

Businesses in Burlington Road say they will now have trouble attracting shoppers and clients or even parking their own cars after a parking permit scheme was put in place for three residential roads that come off the main road.

Karen Huntley, who works at Vac Electric, said: “This is going to have a huge impact on us and we were not made aware of this. It is very underhanded.

“We have a delivery van that gets loaded up and goes out and comes back – so where are we going to park?”

But councillor Terry Paton said the proposed half hour free parking which will be discussed at full council as the Surrey Comet goes to press would be helpful to shoppers.

He said: “We should be doing everything and anything we can to help maintain and revive our small shops and businesses.”

But Carole George, who owns C and N Hairdressers in Burlington Road, said:

“By the time I take my customer’s coat, speak to them and get them a coffee half an hour is gone.

“It is the clients and the people that work here that are going to suffer.”

The business are said to be talking to solicitors about their next step.

Councillor Howard Jones, leader of the opposition, said: “We are investigating how the interests of the shops can be maintained within the proposals.”

The permit scheme which will allow residents only to park in Albert Road, Queen’s Road and George Road with a £90 yearly permit was approved at the Maldens and Coombe neighbourhood.

It will be reviewed in six months time.