It’s been all go this week with press launches, bikram yoga, filming for the One Show, friends over for Sunday lunch and Valentine’s Day too.

Sometimes I struggle to remember what I did in a week, as it can often amalgamate into one massive blur.

To help, I try to keep a rigid diary and force my husband to do the same, much to his frustration at first, but now it’s a necessity.

While at home this week preparing weaning pots for my daughter and making lunch, I had a flashback to the days when I’d go to my gran’s house and she’d make food and spoil my sister and I.

It was all because I was cooking a meal she used to make and all the different aromas took me back in time.

I’m looking forward to my son growing up and remembering his experiences with me and his dad.

Talking of which, this week we had an egg throwing incident, but luckily I wasn’t at home. I was filming in north Norfolk and had a call from Michael who relayed this funny story to me.

My son had managed to get hold of the egg basket while Michael was feeding our baby girl, and thinking they were his plastic eggs, encouraged him to play catch. You can imagine the rest.

Finally this week, I was pleased to have been part of Love Kingston and also had a photo shoot for the Giant Wiggle, an initiative set up by Action for Children to help under-privileged little ones next month – great causes which I’m pleased to be part of.

And to top it all off, I managed to have some quality time with the other half which, thankfully, I’d managed to book into the diary or it probably wouldn’t have happened.