A Surbiton man who was given cataract surgery at Kingston Hospital went back to thank the staff who restored his sight.

Paul Rand, 59, of Brighton Road, was treated at the Royal Eye Unit.

The sight in his right eye began to deteriorate some years ago.

He added: “I was watching telly, Emmerdale, and reading the Comet and starting to have difficulty. I couldn’t see out of my right eye.

“Now I can see colours, everything, it is amazing. To get my sight back after all that time is a miracle.

“I want to thank Mr Muen, Dr Hurairah, Lisa Childs, Sheila Mettle, Iqbal Malik and Betty Onen.”

Surrey Comet:

Paul Rand, second right, was described as a 'charming patient'

Ophthalmic surgeon Mr Wisam Muen said: “Mr Rand was a charming patient who was nervous about his operation for cataract surgery.

“All the staff did an excellent job of making him feel at ease.

“I’m delighted he has had such a good result and has noticed a dramatic improvement.

"We really were not expecting any special thanks as it was just another routine case for the Royal Eye Unit staff, but it was very nice of Paul to do this and it has cheered us all up.”