Not only have my little ones started dancing, laughing and playing together which is absolutely adorable, but my house is looking more and more as if it has been taken over by them and their belongings.

I’m not saying I spoil them with new toys every week, it is just they get everywhere and you spend your life clearing them all up; only to have the box of bricks you just put away tipped out again.

Sometimes I’ll be out in the shops rummaging in my bag looking for my purse, only to pull out a piece of Lego for currency.

Michael and I have the children’s routine sorted, so if one’s working the other knows what to do and it’s brilliant.

The cutest thing is being away for the day and having my son talk to me on the phone.

He chats away excitedly telling me he’s looking at cars or seen a lorry. Wow!

So life is good.

The only thing getting me down is the fact I never have any time to do things for myself.

I looked in the mirror and saw two caterpillars growing on my face; I haven’t had my eyebrows tidied since before Christmas.

My skin looks dull too.

No more pregnancy glow here.

And I need to get to the gym to wake up my endorphins – they’ve been hibernating for a couple of years now, so are going to have a rude awakening when I get going. I need to take control.

The fact is, before I had two little people, I had time to take care of myself and now that time has transferred to them.

So this is it. I’m booking a facial, massage and going to bikram before the end of the month and I’ll just have to find the time.

Wish me luck.